Dr. Carol A. Cooper
Chiropractic Physician.
I have been serving the Salem - Keizer area since April 1989. My specialties are Applied Kinesiology and NUCCA. Applied Kinesiology uses muscle testing as a diagnostic aid. For maximum health, your muscles need to function in proper coordination. Applied Kinesiology also includes cranial - sacral manipulation. NUCCA is a gentle C1 / atlas adjusting technique. Some people benefit from a more specific atlas adjustment..
Prior to becoming a chiropractor, I was an RN. I graduated from nursing school in 1979 and worked many different areas in the hospital, especially post-coronary. I also worked part-time for many years in geriatrics.
I believe in whole food nutrition. Most supplements are created in a lab without all the co-factors that are present in organic foods. Our bodies process them like they do drugs. Real food has nutrients that our bodies need, but cannot be synthesized in a lab..

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